The very early prototype of the Smoke Less campfire was developed by an Amish gentleman in Holmes County, Ohio in 2011. The team at Breeo LLC continues to support that heritage of work ethic, living simply and caring about the little things in life. We have taken the original Smoke Less idea and applied it to multiple styles of fire pits. We manufacture in our own shop in Lancaster, PA.

Breeo has a goal of reviving the campfire culture in North America. Over the last decade or two, gas logs and other alternatives have gained in popularity due to their convenience. We here at Breeo feel that nothing can replace the ambiance and warmth of a real wood fire. Almost everyone can remember fond campfire memories with family and friends, roasting hotdogs, singing campfire songs, and talking late into the night.

Breeo has a set of core values that may be old-fashioned,
but are not outdated:

  • Family Togetherness
  • Hard Work
  • Using Natural Fuel Sources and Living Sustainably
  • Living Simply
  • Experiencing the Little Things in Life
  • Not Relying Too Heavily on the Electronic Grid
  • Giving Back