Canada, Northern Pike, & Adventure!

This past week the Rethinking Fire Tour took us through northern Minnesota and into the far northwest tip of Ontario.

On Saturday night some friends and us hiked back to a semi-remote and uninhabited lake. It was somewhat of an impromptu event and we had no food with us. All we had was several fishing poles, a knife and Double Flame.

Some of us were starting to get rather hungry, so I threw a line in the water with a “spoon” spinner lure attached. On the fourth cast, this happened:

We had no spices or seasonings, but we decided that we would try grilling it fresh on Double Flame. First step was to filet it:

Then we built a nice hot fire in Double Flame, and put the fillets directly on the grill.

It was delicious! What was so fascinating about the whole evening was that everything we needed was right there in the wilderness. The wood for the campfire was fallen branches and the food came from the lake.

After dinner we had a sat around Double Flame, with no one in the smoke, and talked for a long time.

Double Flame even provided us with some more entertainment!