Off Grid Fire Cooking

If you've never done it before, you might be wondering, "how is it possible to prepare meals completely off the grid?" Thanks for asking! The answer to that question is wood fires. No gas, propane or charcoal are needed to create fantastic meals in the great outdoors. A heavy duty fire pit and wood stove create an unending supply of heat, cooking, and enjoyment for the backwoods enthusiast.

"Well," you might also wonder, "what kind of problems might I encounter while cooking outdoors on an open fire?" Ah, another great question. Uneven heat distribution, not enough direct heat, and having to fight clouds of choking smoke are common issues you might have to deal with when you're out there.

These three problems can cause massive headaches for adventurers that try to take the kitchen outdoors. Food is either black or uncooked, or there is not enough heat to evenly cook a larger item all the way through. Worse yet, smoke can drive the chief away from his culinary creation.

Breeo Smokeless fire pits help equip the off-the-grid dweller to combat these problems and make outdoor cooking an awesome and tasty experience.