Breeo Admin | 16 May 2019
New Product Launch: Breeo Aprons & Breeo Hats Are Now Live!

New Product Launch: Breeo Aprons & Breeo Hats Are Now Live!

We are stoked to announce that our latest product release is now live! Introducing the Breeo Apron and the Breeo Trucker Hats! Whether you consider yourself a BBQ guru, a backyard chef, or simply enjoy the occasional backyard cookout, these two products will keep you looking sharp and sophisticated. 

Handcrafted right here in Lancaster, PA from the highest quality leather, the Breeo Apron features two pockets, an adjustable neck strap, solid copper rivets,
solid brass hardware, and an impressive branded center patch.

Cooking around an open fire means dealing with sparks & embers. A solid leather apron helps to protect the chef from these annoyances.Whether grilling in your backyard, hosting an event, or at a competition, the Breeo Apron will set you apart from the rest. Just like the rest of the Breeo products, this apron is built to last!

The Breeo Trucker Hat was inspired by one of our co-founders, Jonathan Miller. He wanted a hat that aligned with Breeo's desire to manufacture only the highest quality goods. These snapback hats feature a vegetable-tanned leather branded patch that will age beautifully. Guaranteed to make your friends envious, get yours today! 

We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends over at Welsh Mtn Co., another Lancaster, PA company to offer our customers this exclusive Breeo Gear. Known for using only the highest quality leather and crafting each product by hand in their shop here in Lancaster, Welsh Mtn Co. has a knack for providing stylish items that will last for generations. Be sure to check them out - we promise you won't be disappointed!