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How to Build a Fire

Building a fire in a Breeo fire pit is no different than building a normal campfire. You'll want to use wood that is nice and dry. Hardwoods are preferable, but soft woods such as pine work great as well.

A great place to start is by taking a look around your property or surroundings for dead twigs and branches to use to start the fire. This helps keep the forest floor (or your yard) tidy, and makes awesome kindling to get your smokeless fire roaring.

In the video, newspaper is used as the initial fire starter. However, birch bark is our go-to recommendation, and cardboard works as well. Using a fire starter block doesn't hurt, but it's not necessary.

Remember to have matches, fire starter, kindling and heavier wood ready before you light the fire so that you are not scrambling to keep it alive while the fire is still small.


You will notice as the fire gets hotter that the smokeless re-burner will begin to kick in. Watch when the wind pushes the flames against the side of the fire pit. You'll see a curling action happening in the flames. Depending on how hot the fire is, you may actually see FIRE coming out of the holes along the inner rim.

Once the fire is at this stage, use heavier spilt wood to add to the fire as small kindling is no longer important. Getting the fire going only takes a couple minutes, and then the Breeo smokeless fire pit does the rest!