How to Clean the SearPlate Griddle: The Ultimate Guide

The steaks are seared, eggs fried, and veggies cooked on your SearPlate™ Griddle and you can’t remember a time when live-fire cooking tasted this good. There’s just one question left, “How do I clean my carbon steel griddle?” Lucky for you, we’re here to answer that question before you have to ask. 

 Keep reading for everything you need to know about cleaning the SearPlate Griddle and tips from the Breeo Team. 

Maintaining your outdoor grilling accessories is key to ensuring lasting performance. While we manufacture our products with the toughest materials, using them often, correctly, and taking steps to care for your live-fire accessories will keep them at their top performance. With that said, let's get into the maintenance of your SearPlate. 

1)  Cook up a Feast: Complete 

After the food is removed from the SearPlate and set aside, use a flat-edged spatula to scrape the remaining grease and leftovers off the Griddle and into the fire pit. It’s most efficient to do this step while the SearPlate is still hot and on the fire pit. 

2) Grab a Buddy, Lift, and Move

You may hear the steaks calling your name but before you dig in, it’s essential to remove the Griddle from the heat. Get a buddy and a pair of heat-resistant gloves and lift the SearPlate off the fire pit.  

If the Griddle is left on the fire as you continue adding more logs for your evening fire, the nonstick seasoning that builds up over time will burn off, causing you to restart the process. It will be much easier, in the long run, to use the extra seconds and remove the Griddle immediately than start the seasoning process from scratch. 

3) Make it at Home 

You’ve got your SearPlate in hand but you don’t want to hold this hunk of steel for too long. Place it on a non-combustible surface, cement, brick, or your driveway will do. You can also look forward to the release of the SearPlate Stand, coming soon to, which will act as a storing and cooling system for your Griddle.  

Take note to keep the hot Griddle away from any children and pets. If you’re cooking in the evening, keep it in a well-lit space to prevent tripping and make sure your dog stays away from the steak-scented skillet. 

4) A Little Extra Care Goes a Long Way

After the SearPlate has had time to cool and the scrumptious food has disappeared, take a few minutes to wrap things up. Grab some food-grade oil (canola, avocado, grapeseed works great) and paper towels to prepare for the oiling process. It’s likely that the Griddle is still warm, so you may want to use gloves for the process. 

Add a few drops of oil to the SearPlate Griddle. 

Grab a few paper towels and rub a thin, even layer of oil into the surface of the Griddle. This process protects the SearPlate in between cooks. 

5) Until Next Time 

Store the Griddle in the garage, garden shed, or even outside. If you’re following the proper care process and are taking the extra seconds to oil after use, your SearPlate will be good to go in the outdoors all year long. 

We’re stoked for you to get cooking on the SearPlate Griddle and look forward to seeing your over-the-fire recipes and tricks. Share your smokeless fire experiences with the live-fire community on the Breeo Facebook Group and fire it up!