How to Cook on a Breeo Fire Pit

We’ll be honest with you, over the fire cooking isn’t always easy. It takes practice and consistency, but we’re here to remind you that the crisp, brown sear of a steak is always worth it!

Whether you’ve been cooking on your Breeo® fire pit for years or are stoked about igniting the first burn, here’s your guide to over the fire cooking and how to best utilize your Breeo cooking accessories. 

We’ve brainstormed, designed, and perfected our grilling accessories to enhance the live-fire cooking experience so you can upgrade nights of s’mores and dogs to gourmet feasts broiled over open flames. Now you can choose to keep the dinner casual with burgers or spice it up with fire-roasted salsa

To aid you in your cooking endeavors, we compiled this curated guide to cooking over the fire, complete with the best uses and recipes for each Breeo cooking accessory. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to take your kitchen creativity outside and over the flames.

Building a Cooking Fire  

The key to live-fire cooking is, of course, the fire. For a deep dive into building the best fire, check out The Ultimate Fire Guide.

When cooking over the fire, allow time for the fire pit to heat up along with any pans and cooking accessories you’ll be using. We recommend starting the fire 20 minutes before you begin cooking to allow time for the fire to get hot and even burn down a little. 

Keep adding wood to the fire for high direct heat or let it burn down for low heat, depending on your cooking needs.

Be prepared to char some burgers or lose a steak or two to the flames at first. Controlling the heat takes practice, but after some trial and error, you’ll be a pro.

Pro Tip: If your steak falls into the coals, use metal tongs and heat protectant gloves and pull it out ASAP. Some live-fire chefs use this method to give their steaks a finishing, wood-fired touch, so play it off like the firemaster you are!

Cooking on the Outpost™ Grill 

  • Use the Outpost™  grill with your X Series fire pit or take it on the go. 

  • Control heat with adjustable height and 360° rotation. 

The Outpost™ grill is an over-the-fire grilling essential. Use it with your X Series smokeless fire pit or take it with you to the campsite.  The adjustable Outpost grill cooks food perfectly based on your culinary intuition, as no two fires burn exactly the same way. Raise or lower the grill to accommodate different cuts of meat, fish, vegetables, or even sauces.

The Outpost grill is highly versatile and is a great add-on to your fire pit or for your camping adventures.

Favorite Outpost Grill Recipes

    Cooking on the SearPlate™ Rim 

    • High heat cooking surface on your X Series smokeless fire pit.

    • Permanent cooking surface on your fire pit.

    When you order your X Series fire pit, you’re given the option to choose either the SearPlate™ or Standard Rim. While both are compatible with the Outpost™ adjustable grill, the SearPlate rim is a permanent surface that lets you cook directly on your fire pit. The SearPlate rim is the key to the signature sear on the Breeo steaks.

    Make the most of your cooking space by adding a cast iron pan to the rim, or grease it up and cook some bacon and veggies. Put your skills to the test and master the Searplate rim to elevate your backyard cookout.

    Favorite SearPlate Recipes

      Cooking in the Cast Iron Kettle

      • Holds liquid in a large 1-gallon kettle. 

      • Preseasoned cast iron 

      Level up your Outpost™ grilling system with the Kettle and cook everything from soups and bisques to teas and cider. Stack your Kettle with the Outpost grill by using the Kettle Hook to hang the kettle or place it on the rim of your fire pit. Warm up around the fire with hot cocoa and cider made over the flames of your Breeo fire pit.

      Favorite Kettle Recipes 

      Live-Fire Pro Techniques

      • Utilize the Coals 

      • Slow Cook With Skewers

      Half the fun of live-fire cooking is finding new ways to use the heat to your advantage (the other half is eating the delicious wood-flavored food). A couple of our favorite out-of-the-box tricks of the trade don’t require much more than your own creativity.

      One way you can experiment with the heat is by using coals to cook your food. Cocoon your meat in foil and place it in the fire pit, or rest hot coals on a cast iron lid to bake your dish from top to bottom. 

      Another method to try is upgrading from hotdog roasting sticks to skewers. Balance the skewers across the fire pit similar to a rotisserie, and slow cook meat and veggies. 

      Braise, smoke, roast, bake, grill, simmer, or stew your dish. Cook directly on the coals or sear your steak to lock in the moisture. When it comes to over-the-fire cooking, the opportunity to innovate is endless. Check out the recipes below to experiment with coals and skewers.

      Now you're set to take on the flames like a pro live-fire chef. Impress your guests with your ‘fire’ techniques, and showcase your grilling expertise with savory meats, stews, and dishes that’ll have everyone coming back for more. After a successful event, share your feats with the Breeo Facebook Group and get stoked with a community of firemasters. 

      Keep up with Breeo on our social channels to be the first to know about the latest news and product drops. Our team is constantly inventing new ways to experience fire, and we’ve got exciting things in store for you. Until then, get out there and enjoy time around your smokeless fire pit.