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How To Install the Insert Ring Bundle

 For many people, a fire pit is only partially complete when it's freestanding. A stone surround or built-in fire pit is their ideal backyard centerpiece - and for good reason! There's lots to like about a built-in fire pit, like a place to kick up your feet and relax, a buffer between your kids and the fire, or a complete finish to your backyard space. On top of it all, add the benefits of the original X Series and you're set for smokeless fire pit success.

The Insert Ring gives you all the perks of a smokeless fire pit, but is designed to fit into your stone or concrete surround. The Insert Bundle includes an X Series fire pit and an Insert Ring so you can have the finished look of a fire pit resting flush with the top of your stone surround. It's smokeless as always with the added versatility of a semi-permanent backyard fire pit that you can take out and bring with you whenever you want.

In 5 easy steps, transform your freestanding fire pit into a built-in patio centerpiece. Build out a stone surround for the fire pit or use the one you currently have, align the Insert Ring with the surround, lower the fire pit into the center, and kick back and relax beside your Breeo® smokeless fire pit.

How to Install:

1. Measure your stone or concrete surround. Each X Series size has a range of surround sizes they will fit. Check out our specs on the product page or the video below for more details.

2. Center the Insert Ring on the opening of your stone surround.

3. Get a buddy to help you lift the fire pit.

4. Line up the legs of your fire pit with the notches in the Insert Ring.

5. Lower your X Series smokeless fire pit until the top lays flat on the Insert Ring.

Use the Insert Ring with a standard rim fire pit or one with a SearPlate™ rim. Attach the Outpost™ grill to the X Series while it's in the Insert Ring and grill up a weekend BBQ. Everything you could do before the Insert Ring, you can do with it, and when you want to take your X Series on the go again, easily remove it by pulling it up and out.

Check out this video for an easy step-by-step guide to installing and using your X Series Insert Ring!