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How to Start a Fire

The key to becoming a world class firemaster is, of course, mastering fire. Whether your end result is grilling the best live fire steaks known to man or simply enjoying a truly smokeless experience, the key is knowing how to start a great fire.

Here are the steps for starting, building and maintaining the ultimate smokeless fire:

1. Choose your fuel. Select a firestarter material, like shredded newspaper or cardboard, a dry, thinly split softwood for kindling, and a dry, split hardwood for your main fuel. Make sure your fuel is less than 4” in diameter. Focus on creating as much airflow as possible throughout the whole fire building process.

2. Build a log cabin. Start with 2 full-size pieces of cord wood and lay them caddy-corner on the X Airflow™ system across from each other. Then, lay two pieces of kindling perpendicular across those. Fill the inside square with your firestarter. Continue with the pattern in kindling until it approaches the top of your fire pit, filling the center with firestarter as you go, if you’re using newspaper or cardboard. If you’re using another type of firestarter, you can place it in the middle when you start building, but there’s no need to fill the whole structure with it. Taper the “cabin” inward as you get close to the top.

3. Light it up. Using a grill lighter or a long match, light the firestarter at the bottom of the log cabin. We do NOT recommend using regular matches, as they can be harder to use when you’re reaching into the fire pit.

4. Feed the flames. Once you’ve got a tiny blaze going, start adding cord wood without disrupting or knocking over the kindling cabin. Starting with smaller cord wood pieces and gradually using larger ones as the fire grows, lay the pieces toward the perimeter of the bottom of the fire pit. This will help your fire spread evenly around your fire pit.

5. Let it burn out. When you’re done with your fire, patiently wait for the fire to burn out on its own. Don’t pour water on it, and never leave your fire unattended. If you do need to walk away, always cover with a spark screen and make sure there’s nothing near the fire pit that could catch on fire or be damaged. Clean out the ashes every 4-5 burns once the fire pit cools to maintain airflow and always have a smokeless fire.

Check out this video for a visual guide to starting your first fire in your Breeo smokeless fire pit. Broken down into bite-sized pieces, we'll walk you through the steps of achieving the best fire for a smokeless experience.