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Maximize Your Smokeless Fire Pit

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a new Breeo fire pit! It’s time to start experiencing more campfires and less smoke. Here are some tips & tricks to help you maximize the efficiency of your smokeless fire pit.

Before we get started, remember the greatest rule of all: The Hotter the Fire, The Less the Smoke!

Start The Fire Early

Let’s say your guests are arriving at 6 p.m. We would recommend getting your fire going at least 20 minutes early, maybe around 5:40. This allows the fire to build momentum and develop a good base of coals. The metal of the fire pit will get hotter and hotter, creating more and more airflow through the walls. By the time your guests arrive, your smokeless fire pit will be doing its job beautifully!

Use Dry, Split Wood

You will need good, dry wood. How do you know if it’s dry? Well it needs to be seasoned for at least a year, preferably under some sort of roof or indoors. The wood you buy at a department store may be quite dry already, but it is usually a good idea to buy the wood in advance and store it in a basement or warm place. This will finish drying it out. Before tossing it in the fire pit, make sure to split the wood into pieces 3-5 inches in circumference.

Add Wood Gradually

Keeping your fire smokeless through the duration of your hang out session is all about maintaining the fire pit's momentum. If you let the fire die down too much and then add whole bunch of wood at once, the fire will smoke for a minute or two as it gets back up to speed. A better strategy is to add one or two pieces of wood at a time, and keep the fire at a relatively consistent temperature. With a tiny bit of practice, you'll know when to add wood and when to leave it alone.

There you have it! Three quick tips to make your smokeless fire pit experience even better. Of course, you can ignore all of these tips and still have a very smokeless fire when using a Breeo fire pit, but if you want the ultimate experience, then we recommend following these steps!