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Which Breeo Fire Pit is Best for Me

Here at Breeo, we want to give you the best smokeless fire pit for your backyard space. A Breeo fire pit can fit any backyard atmosphere from our sophisticated Luxeve fire pits to our adaptable X Series Collection. If you find yourself wondering “which fire pit is best for me,” here is your guide to creating your customized Breeo fire pit and learning which one is best. Let’s get started.

Luxeve vs. X Series Fire Pits 

The first thing to cover is our two styles of fire pits. The Luxeve and X Series collections. The Luxeve is known for its sophisticated aesthetic and ability to elevate any backyard space. Rimmed with several glass pebble options and your choice of four powder-coated colors, the Luxeve is a fire pit designed to visually enhance your space and provide a smokeless experience. 

The X Series fire pits come in three different sizes: 19 in, 24 in, and 30 in. Ranging from 47 lbs to 94 lbs, the X Series offers customization in size, material, and cooking capabilities. All X Series fire pits are compatible with live-fire cooking accessories so you can build your desired setup. The X Series is ideal for those who want to experiment with over-the-fire cooking or who prefer a more industrial fire pit aesthetic.  

X Series Insert Ring vs. Free Standing Fire Pit

X Series fire pits provide a bold centerpiece single-handedly but you can also take it up a notch and use the Insert Ring to place your fire pit into a stone surround. The Insert Ring gives you the option to pair your fire pit with your current backyard landscaping or build a surround of your own. Installation for the Insert Ring is simple and requires no tools which means you can add or remove your fire pit at any time. Compatible with all X Series fire pits, the insert ring supports all the cooking features of the X Series lineup. 

Stainless Steel vs. Corten

The main difference between the sleek Stainless Steel and architectural Corten finishes are the visual aspects. We build our Stainless Steel fire pits out of heavy-gauge 304 stainless steel, the same metal used in automotive wheels and kitchen appliances. Corten fire pits arrive with a blue steel finish and after time in the elements, develop a weathered iron oxide surface coating known as patina. You can also speed up this process by doing it yourself with four simple ingredients. Both steel options are durable and guarantee that your fire pit will endure a lifetime. 

Cooking Accessories for Your Breeo Fire Pit

We offer several cooking accessories for you to develop your live-fire skills. Our best-selling Outpost™ grill can be paired with any X Series fire pit or can be anchored in the ground over a campfire. The grill offers sleek packaging and set up and is perfect for searing meat or cooking eggs in a cast iron skillet

Our latest release, the SearPlate™ Griddle provides a high heat, cooktop attachment for your fire pit so you can entertain and cook for large groups with ease. Add and remove the cooking griddle from your fire pit  in no time with the built-in handles. This nonstick, carbon steel cooking surface is a must-have for your over-the-fire cooking setup and with high-heat temperatures, you're set to cook the entire menu.

This cooking accessory combo provides the Kettle Hook and Cast Iron Kettle which are both made with pure cast iron. The Kettle is ideal for cooking any soup, stew, or bisque and is the perfect accessory to experiment with your live-fire cooking skills. 

And that’s a wrap! We hope this guide was helpful in your search for your own Breeo smokeless fire pit. If you've got any questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team who is happy to help. Enjoy the fire!