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Campfire Cooking

What is it about a fire that brings people together? Is it the light, the warmth or the dancing flames? Whatever the reason, cozying up around a fire has been a favorite pastime for humans for all of recorded history. In the old days, this was also because the fire provided heat, cooking and protection. The protection component has largely lost its relevancy, but campfire cooking on open fires has actually seen resurgence.

A wood fire has several advantages over traditional gas or charcoal grills. One of the main advantages is the extremely high temperatures. Wood-fired steaks, burgers and chops achieve a certain flavor that only comes with high temperature cooking. This is why high-end steakhouses cook at over 1600 degrees.

High-temperature grilling over a wood fire is also an experience. It connects you with your ancestral roots and gives you a feeling of sustainability and independence. You know that as long as you have a fire you can create a meal fit for a king.

Lets be honest, part of the appeal of wood fired cooking is the reaction from the guests watching the performance. There are few things more impressive than a master camp chef, and many of us outdoor enthusiasts strive to achieve this ideal.

Luckily, campfire cooking is actually quite simple, particularly over a Breeo smoke-less fire pit.

For steaks, standard policy is as follows:
1. Salt & pepper liberally
2. Sear on the fire as hot as possible, both sides for 1 minute
3. Raise the grill to a more moderate temperature and finish cooking

This formula is practically fool-proof and works every time!

– Use hardwood
– Buy high-quality beef
– Use fresh ground peppercorn
-WEAR GLOVES when handling the grill
-Let the steak rest for a few minutes after cooking

Have fun and happy grilling!

Jonathan Miller