Corn Chowder

There’s nothing better than a good hot stew, soup, or chowder to warm you from the inside out during these cold winter months. We especially love chowders, as they’re a great way to cook a hearty meal in one pot – the less dishes the better, right?!? We’re always trying to think outside the box when it comes to cooking over the fire in our Smoke Less Fire Pits during the winter and this corn chowder is just the ticket. It’s the perfect mix of savory, flavorful, and get-in-my-belly-that-smells-so-good goodness that draws the crowds. Serve with some fresh bread and you’ll be the dinnertime hero!


You will need:

1/2 lb Rosemary Ham, sliced
1 bunch Fresh Italian Parsley, finely chopped
2 Tbs Olive oil
2 Tbs Butter
2 Yellow Onions finely diced
2 cloves Garlic, finely diced
2 cans Corn, drained
2 qts Vegetable broth
4-6 Med-Large Yellow Potatoes (Sliced into bite size chunks)
2 cups White Wine
2 cups Whole Milk
Salt & Pepper to taste

Attach the Kettle Winch accessory to either your Ablaze or Zentro Smoke Less Fire Pit and start your fire. Once your fire has been established, hang your kettle on the winch and allow to warm slightly. In the kettle combine the olive oil, butter, onions and garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste and cook until glossy. Add the ham and allow to brown lightly

Add the corn, potatoes and broth. Add the white wine, parsley and milk. Allow to simmer for 20-30 min until the potatoes are tender.

Slice some fresh crusty bread and serve while hot.