Cowboy Steak on the Oregon Coast

On Saturday the Rethinking Fire Tour took us to the rugged and beautiful Oregon coastline. It is a place characterized by large mountains, moss covered trees, and the wide expanse of the pacific ocean. This far western coast of our Country has always been a place of pioneers and explorers, adventurers and pilgrims. It was lunchtime, and to me, there is no more adventure worthy meal than a good, thick STEAK.
I decided to use the reverse-sear, or cowboy steak method using the Big Green Egg MiniMax and our Double Flame Fire Pit. The beauty of the MiniMax is that you can grill, sear, smoke and bake, and be in no mans land while you do it. The portability of this unit has allowed eggheads like myself to push the limits of not only HOW good food can be made, but WHERE!

First step was to prep the steaks. I was using two bone-in Ribeyes on this occasion, and I decided to go simple. Montreal Steak Seasoning, and a little fresh ground Sea Salt. Normally, I would use Kosher Salt for steak, but I had none with me and it seamed fitting to use sea salt on the sea shore!

Next I got the MiniMax up to 250 Degrees so that I could slowly warm up the steaks using indirect heat.

Once the MiniMax was hot, I added Hickory Chips and put on the steaks!

After the steaks had smoked for 30 minutes at 250 Degrees, it was time to sear. The MiniMax works great for this, but I wanted to use a very high heat and I didnt want the steaks to rest while I heated the egg up.
So I transferred them to the Double Flame Fire Pit, which by now was over 1400 Degrees!

After about 30 seconds per side on that insane heat, the steaks were done! 
I should have let them rest for a good ten minutes to allow the red to fully seep out, but after taking my first experimental bite, I couldn’t help myself from digging in! It turned out to be the second best steak I have ever eaten, behind a big Ribeye I had at Flemings Steakhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. Still haven’t figured out what their trick is yet.

What was really fun about this meal was that it relied on no modern conveniences. We as humans have had cows, fires, ceramic cookers and salt for thousands of years. The Big Green Egg MiniMax and Double Flame Fire Pit make a fantastic pair for surviving and thriving in any vacation, adventure, off-grid, or survival situation.

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