Breeo Admin | 20 May 2015
Fire Pit Paint Touch-up [Video]

Fire Pit Paint Touch-up [Video]

The goal of this blog is to show you how to touch up the paint of one of our smoke-reducing fire pits. After a year or two of hard use in the outdoors, a fire pit can develop a thin screen of rust. Luckily, all of Breeo Industries’ products are built with heavy gauge steel. This makes the fire pit paint touch-up a breeze.
Here is a quick video showing me sanding, wiping and painting a Double Flame Smoke-Reducing Fire Pit. It takes about a minute to do this.


1. Sand with fine grit sandpaper
2. Wipe with rag
3. Paint with High Temp Outdoor Grill Paint*

*Where can you find High Temp Outdoor Grill Paint? You can get it from us (email:, or purchase your own. The paint needs to be an outdoor paint that is rated to withstand temperatures up to 1,200 Degree Fahrenheit. Amazon has several options you can choose from. Check-out this link to see an option we recommend.


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