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Off Grid Fire Pit

These days, the uncertain economic times and political instability have caused many people to ponder the concept of off-the-grid living. Being able to subsist comfortably without any rent, property tax, or utilities is a fantasy that is becoming increasingly enticing. Plus, off-the-grid living has the advantage of being just that: off-the-grid. Governmental involvement is severely lessened when your habitation is not tracked by any state or federal database due to building permits, electric connection, sewer, zoning, phone lines, etc. The entire lifestyle surrounding the off-the-grid movement is concerned with simplicity, scaling back, being close to nature, and being aware of our environment.
The Ablaze firepit fits into this lifestyle/philosophy very well. It burns any sustainable wood that can be harvested from the forest floor, without cutting down new growth or any living trees whatsoever. The cooking attachments allow the off-the-gridder to enjoy grilling, broiling, frying and stewing without having to buy gas, propane or charcoal.


Plus, the fact that Ablaze is nearly smokeless makes the heating/cooking activities have a VERY low profile compared to a normal campfire.