Plain ‘Ole Burgers over Fire

Sometimes the mood is right to cook something quick, easy and cheap. But still very, very yummy!This was the case last night on the Rethinking Fire Tour in Central California. So what was the solution? Some boring old frozen burger patties!

Here’s what you need:
-Double Flame smokeless wood fire pit with grill
-Frozen Burger Patties
-Montreal Steak Seasoning
-BBQ Sauce of your choice

1. Build a hot fire in Double Flame wood fire pit (I used some dead branches lying around the campsite) and let it die down a bit so the flames are lower.

2. Set the grill as HIGH as it will go and lay the frozen burgers above the flames until they are thawed and starting to cook (2-4 minutes )

3. Heavily sprinkle each patty with some Montreal Steak Seasoning and lower the grill into the flames. Sear until done.

4. Right before you take them off, hit them with some BBQ Sauce on the top of each patty and let it sort of ooze into the meat while its still over the flames.

And thats the trick to cooking plain ole burgers over fire!

I then did some whole wheat sandwich thins with some olive oil and singed them over the wood fire pit. The one burger I made had two patties on it with three sandwich thins, freshly sliced tomatoes, spinach, BBQ Sauce and mushrooms.

What I really love about recipes like this is the simplicity of it. Prep time was zero. total cooking time was 5-7 minutes. Boom. You are munching down!
The other thing that was fun is that I just made a quick fire with some dead branches that were lying around the campsite. This helped to clean the campsite up, but also made a hot fire very quick. I think I started the fire at most 5 minutes before I put the burgers one. And because the wood was so small, about the time the burgers were done, the fire was dying out. It was great! Also, the whole meal cost me next to nothing.

Sometimes its fun to pull out all the stops and cook up a feast fit for the most royal of kings. But other times, you just can’t beat fast, easy and cheap!