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Pork Chops Over the Fire

This is a very simply recipe that only takes a couple seconds to prepare and cook, and is absolutely FANTASTIC to eat.
This recipe was done using one inch slices of pork loin, leaving the fat on.

When cooking on an open fire, DO NOT trim the fat off of the meat.
You want the juiciness that this provides.


  • Chops
  • Olive Oil
  • Montreal Steak Seasoning
  • Ablaze Firepit



Thaw your chops so that they are pliable and not frozen in the middle.

Lightly brush them with olive oil on both sides.

Shake a good amount of Montreal Steak Seasoning on both sides.

Get Ablaze going HOT and put the grill RIGHT DOWN near the flames

(remember to put the collar underneath the grill on the post so that you can swing the grill on and off easily).

Once the grill is hot, throw the chops on for about 30 seconds on each side to sear them.

Remember to wear gloves or use a long tongs or flippers to keep from getting burned.

Once they are seared on both sides, raise the grill to about one foot above the flames. Keep it here until the loins are done.

Add a little more Montreal Steak Seasoning to account for the amount that has fallen off during the searing process.

Once the loins are cooked through the middle, grab them and put them into a covered dish. Avoid over-cooking!

The Ablaze firepit cooks food amazingly fast.

You do not want to dry out the loins by overcooking them.

SERVE HOT! Remember to make more than you think you will need, guys may eat as many as 3-4 once they taste the first one.