Surf Perch on the Big Green Egg

This is a simple recipe for how to smoke a fresh batch of Surf Perch on the Big Green Egg.
First, catch them! Use GULP! sandworms on a #4 hook with an 18″ monofilm leader and a barrel swivel. You will need about an ounce of weight above the swivel. Cast out into the surf and real in slowly. Walk the beach until you catch one, and then fish in that spot. Good eating size is between 1-3 pounds.

Scale and gut the fish, leaving the heads on. Lay them on their side on tinfoil. Pour Olive Oil over each fish. Sprinkle heavily with ground sea salt and ground pepper. 

Set the Egg at 350 – 400 Indirect with some hickory chunks for smoke. You want A LOT of smoke because the fish will only be cooking for a short amount of time, and they still have their skin on so the smoke will need to penetrate it.

When the fish are brown and smoky, they are done!

The meat will fall off the bones and have a wonderfully smokey flavor. Bon Apetite!

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