The Swanson

What is the most manly possible form of meat consumption? 

According to Ron Swanson, a good candidate is "The Swanson," a bacon wrapped turkey leg.

We decided to see if this was the case, but we wanted to give it a twist. 

First step was to harvest a Wild Turkey. 

Next, Sous Vide the Turkey Legs at 160 degrees for 4 hours. 

Then, build a roaring oak fire and let it burn down to a base of hot coals. 

Wrap the turkey legs in bacon and cover in a whole bunch of Derek Wolf's Maple Bourbon Rub.

Then it was onto the fire! 

Once the bacon was crispy and done, we pulled off the turkey legs and let them rest for a moment to cool down. Then it was time to dig in! 

The sweet Maple Bourbon rub + bacon + tender turkey was a killer combination!