Breeo Admin | 02 December 2015
Zentro Fireplace Launch

Zentro Fireplace Launch

The team here at Breeo Industries is very excited to announce the launch of a new product line, the Zentro Fireplace! We have felt for some time that there is a missing link in the marketplace for a simple, easy-to-build, fireplace kit that could be built using standard block. As it stands right now, a home owner or contractor has to either build a fireplace from scratch, use a veneer kit, or buy a prebuilt unit. Each of these options are very expensive, as well as time consuming.
The biggest problem with building a fireplace from scratch using pavers is how to make a firebox. Generally a firebox has to be custom built using firebrick and morter, a project that is quite daunting for anyone who is not a mason. With the air-cooled Zentro fireplace, you merely have to put in the insert in place, no firebrick and no morter required.

The process of building a Zentro fireplace is simple. You start by getting 130 4x8x12 pavers, available from almost every block manufacturer and distributor in the country. You will also need some 8″ and 4″ of this block to complete, the kit, as well as some flagstone, limestone or other coping material. The exact cut list of what you need is clearly outlined in the Owners Manual, and any hardscape distributor or brick & block yard can supply the necessary materials.
Building the fireplace is so simple it is fun:

To get your new fireplace, check the dealer locator for a hardscape supplier near you!


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