The Breeo Y Series fire pit is designed to expand your grilling horizons. With built-in features, compact size, and a range of live-fire cooking accessories, you'll be ready to grill and chill wherever the adventure takes you.


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The most capable tailgating grill.

Cook Anything

Cook Anything

Use any of our X19 live fire cooking accessories to cook your favorites wherever you go.

Cook Anywhere

Cook Anywhere

With an adjustable height and a built in heat shield, the Y Series can cook just about anywhere.

Easy Ash Cleanout

Easy Ash Cleanout

Use the attached handle to easily dump out ashes once cooled down.

Built To Take A Beating

Built To Take A Beating

Designed and manufactured in Lancaster PA, USA out of American-sourced 304 stainless steel.

A fire pit and grill that adapts to wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing.

I have cooking meals on the y series every day.
Love it. Used it on our first campout this year.
Get one now. Best pit ever.
The ease of cooking over this fire was amazing.
This is an absolutely amazing fire pit cooking system.

Tri-fuel compatible for more versatility

You now have the ability to burn wood, plus the option to use lump charcoal and wood pellets depending on where you are and what you’re doing.

Choose Your Fuel

  • Wood

  • Pellets

  • Charcoal



Enhanced airflow and secondary burn technology.

Built-in Heat Shield

Built-in Heat Shield

Multi-surface safe on decks, pavement, grass, stone, etc.

* Always extend legs to cook/highest setting if being used on composite.

Find your y, and you’ll find your way.

All Fire, Less Smoke

How We’re Smokeless


Step 1


The Y Airflow design is a raised air intake vent at the bottom of the fire pit that enables oxygen to feed the fire even as ashes build up.

Step 2

Double Wall Technology

Cool air simultaneously enters the double-wall system at the bottom of the fire pit. As the air rises through the wall cavity, it gets super-heated by the fire.

Step 3

Secondary Combustion

The hot air then exits the double wall through holes around the inside rim of the fire pit. This pressurized, heated oxygen creates a secondary burn (reburn), reducing the smoke.

Made By Breeo

On our journey to provide the best solutions for gathering and cooking around the fire, we have strengthened our commitment to building the highest quality products available—right here in our hometown of Lancaster, PA.

When you see something that is “Made by Breeo” you can trust that the work ethic, craftsmanship, and quality that our region is known for is embodied in the Breeo Team, the products we build, and how we take care of our customers.