Phoenix 24" Fire Pit

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  • Inside Diameter: 24"
  • Outside Diameter: 29.5"
  • Height: 15" (includes feet)
  • Weight: 78 lbs.
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Steel, & COR-TEN Steel
  • Made in America

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Introducing The Phoenix!


The Breeo Phoenix is the latest in our line of award-winning smokeless fire pits, made right here in America!
Designed using everything we have learned over the last 8+ years of making smokeless fire pits, the Phoenix is our best fire pit yet. 


X Airflow Technology

One of the new features of the Phoenix is its patent-pending X Airflow™  Technology that creates much better primary air in the Fire Pit!


Cor-Ten Patina Wall 

A beautiful finish that gets better with time! 


Not Just A Fire Pit 

Impress all of your guests with your epic wood fired cooking skills! The Phoenix makes it easy to cook burgers, steaks, chops and a lot more right on the built in sear plate. 

Add The Grill Grate (Not Included)!

If you want to really get serious about wood fired cooking (and we think you should) then check out our grill grate attachment! 






Ryan C: "I am very happy with the purchase so far, burns clean with no smoke if the wood is dry. I've used the grill grate attachment once, and it worked perfectly, very impressed with the quality and functionality of the grill grate. The only thing that I wish could be different about the grill grate is that it could slide on down into the pit so when you have a nice, hot coal bed you could very quickly sear a steak. I imagine that would be difficult to engineer, so not a big deal. Another nice accessory would be some sort of stainless cover. We have ours sitting out on the back patio, so when it rains it makes a mess with the ashes. We are currently using a kiddie pool to cover it, but I doubt the wife lets that fly much longer! Attached is the only pic I have so far."

Richard D:
"We love our Phoenix so far. Once you get the fire going and nice and hot it really is very low smoke. We look for excuses to use it as much as possible!"

Brian C: 
"I received the Breeo really quick, I ordered Monday and received it Wednesday. I used it Wednesday and Thursday and cooked on it both nights. The Phoenix is super heavy duty. I bought it because I purchased a new home that had a lot of old wood that needed to go. Instead of spending $200 on something lightweight that would last a few years, I decided to make the investment in the Breoo that hopefully will last a long, long time. It's not inexpensive but you get what you pay for. It helped to justify the price since it has a dual purpose that can be used as a cooking surface. Now, I can go home and start a fire in the late afternoon and when it is time for dinner I can cook on it. The smokeless feature works well and it definitely gets hot enough to cook as you can see from the picture. The food was really good."

Evan S. 
"We now own two Breeo fire pits and love both.  The new design of the Phoenix improves airflow substantially and reduces the need to scoop out ashes.  We have always loved cooking over a fire but dreaded going home covered in smoke but the Breeo Phoenix completely eliminates this issue.  We partially buried the Phoenix within an existing rock fire pit leaving access for air flow.  This enables us to keep a sentimental fire pit while enjoying the smokeless benefits delivered by Breeo.  We are saving up to get the cooking accessories now and just wish they were slightly more affordable.  Thanks for continuing to innovate. "



NEW X Airflow™

One of the new features of the Phoenix is its patent-pending X Airflow ™ Technology that creates much better primary air at the bottom of the fire pit. We found that by raising the air vents off the bottom of the fire pit using an X channel system, we were able to keep oxygen coming in even after a lot of ash had built up! For everyone that likes to burn long campfires, this is a game changer. The X Airflow ™ Technology also makes it much easier to clean the fire pit out, because it creates right-angles that allow you to trap the ash and remove it, especially with our ash removal tool.

COR-TEN Outer Wall Ages Beautifully!

The Phoenix also features something completely new for Breeo, a patina outside wall made of COR-TEN steel! This material develops a beautiful finish through natural weathering and requires no maintenance to continue looking better and better with time. Everything on the Phoenix is built to last and you can leave your fire pit out in the elements all year long!

Not Just A Fire Pit

When you buy a Phoenix, you are automatically buying an epic wood fired grill! The top rim of the fire pit is designed as a sear plate that reaches temperatures of over 1000 degrees! For steaks, chops, and burgers there is nothing like a high heat sear to create that beautiful crust. The Sear Plate is made of 304 Stainless Steel and you don’t have to season it, oil it, poke it, prod it, or store it in order to keep right on cooking! Designed to be totally maintenance free, the Sear Plate allows you to get more value out of your fire pit. The Sear Plate™ is designed to naturally slope inward towards the fire, which keeps the grease from dripping onto your patio! After your fire is over, the Sear Plate™ will return to its level position.