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The Anatomy of the World's Best Fire Pit
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How Breeo Fire Pits Rise Above the Competition

Since we pioneered the first smokeless fire pit, we’ve been on a mission to perfect the backyard fire experience. With unmatched durability, versatility, and performance, we’re committed to constant improvement of our products. We don’t settle for “good enough”. Read on to see what sets us apart.

Less Smoke

We invented the smokeless fire pit back in 2011, and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Our smokeless fire pits are engineered to burn clean and ignite smoke before it has the chance to escape the fire pit. The end result: more flames and less tears. Our patented X Airflow™ system acts as a primary air source to keep the fire burning hot. The hot air then rises through the double walls, out of the secondary combustion holes, and burns off the smoke. No more being chased around the fire by smoke.

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Most Durable

Our fire pits are the strongest on the market and to prove it, we put them to the test. Built with thick gauge stainless steel, Breeo smokeless fire pits are 258% stronger than our leading competitors and are built to endure accidents, the elements, and extreme conditions. Durable, USA-made quality is what you’ll get every time you buy from Breeo, which means you can treat your fire pit like a fire pit.

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Most Versatile

Breeo fire pits are built for your lifestyle and backyard, offering customizable features you won’t find anywhere else. With the versatility of the adjustable Outpost™ grill, Searplate™ rim, and other cooking accessories, tackle all your live fire cooking aspirations. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate grilling machine, a fire pit for family nights, or an eye-catching centerpiece; you can build it with Breeo.

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At only 31 pounds and with the ability to collapse to a compact 11 inches in height, our all-new Y Series fire pit is built to take with you wherever you go. It also has a built-in handle that doubles as a bottle-opener, making it easy and comfortable to carry or dump out ash.

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"Love this pit’s versatility. Customizable to fit your cooking needs."

"An outstanding fire pit that serves as a hub for outdoor entertainment, can help you cook dinner, and looks like a piece of art all at the same time."

"Built like a tank. It doubles as a grill too plus puts out a ton of heat. The Breeo is hand-built from heavy-duty materials as well, so it should last for years."

Rated best wood-burning fire pit for your backyard or patio.

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