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the ultimate live-fire cooking experience

Over-the-fire cooking with Breeo

There is nothing like great food cooked over a live fire and our fire pits are built for it. Our grilling and cooking accessories are designed and manufactured to give you ultimate control and adjustability (not some ‘add on’ that just sits on top). We hear it all the time… “Best steak I’ve ever had!”

Y Series cooking vegetables on outpost
X19 with base and outpost cooking
Jean Paul cooking with outposts
Cooking with outposts in the ground
Cooking steaks with the outpost and no fire pit
Jean Paul cooking recipe with fish
Outpost grilling with cast iron
Festive cooking with outpost
Cooking over campfire with outpost and kettle
Y Series cooking with outpost and searplate at tailgate

A Fire Pit Built for Cooking

Our X Series fire pits are built for your lifestyle and backyard, offering customizable features you won’t find anywhere else. With the versatility of the adjustable Outpost™ Grill, Searplate™ Griddle, and other cooking accessories, tackle all your live fire cooking aspirations. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate grilling machine, a fire pit for family nights, or an eye-catching centerpiece; you can build it with Breeo.

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Perfect for hosting parties

The Breeo SearPlate Griddle provides a high heat, cooktop attachment for your fire pit so you can entertain and cook for large groups with ease. Easily add and remove the Griddle from your fire pit using the built-in wood handles. Made with carbon steel for its heat retention and nonstick qualities, the SearPlate Griddle is the ideal cooktop accessory for all three meals of the day.

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Unparalleled Versatility

The Breeo Outpost™ System is the ultimate grilling system for over-the-fire cooking. Engineered for maximum heat control, durability, and portability, this self pounding system can go from your fire pit to the campsite with ease. The Outpost consists of a stainless steel rod, a detachable Anchorpoint for staking into the ground, and a carry bag. It is compatible with a variety of cooking attachments including a grill, kettle hook, and cast iron kettle.

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Customize your backyard setup

The Breeo fire pit builder allows you to customize your ideal backyard setup. Build the perfect fire pit for your space and choose all the accessories you need to make your live-fire dreams come true.

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"Love this pit’s versatility. Customizable to fit your cooking needs."

"An outstanding fire pit that serves as a hub for outdoor entertainment, can help you cook dinner, and looks like a piece of art all at the same time."

"Built like a tank. It doubles as a grill too plus puts out a ton of heat. The Breeo is hand-built from heavy-duty materials as well, so it should last for years."

Rated best wood-burning fire pit for your backyard or patio.

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Chicken one-pot recipe
Kebabs on searplate
X19 with base and outpost
Seafood feast with outpost and searplate
Steaks and mushrooms cooked with outpost
X30 cooking with multiple outposts
Steaks cooked on patio with outpost
Vegetables cooking over outpost with cast iron
Cooking chicken and vegetables over the fire
Cooking hamburgers with the outpost grill

Breeo live-fire cooking recipes

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