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How We're Smokeless

Each of our Smokeless Fire Pits are designed to increase airflow, allowing more oxygen into your fire pit to burn off the smoke before it leaves.

How we're smokeless diagram
  • Step 1


    The X Airflow raised air vent design on the bottom of the fire pit enables oxygen to feed the fire even after significant ash build up.

  • Step 2

    Double Wall Technology

    Air enters a cavity at the bottom into the double wall while the fire heats the walls. Hot air rises through the gap between the two walls as the fire burns.

  • Step 3

    Secondary Combustion

    The hot air then exits the double wall through holes around the rim. This pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and causes secondary combustion or reburn.

Fire pit fire closeup

How It's Smokeless

Fires are made when quality fuel, sufficient heat, and oxygen meet. Smoke is the result of an imbalance in one or more of those elements. Our fire pits are designed to provide more oxygen, allowing for a hotter fire that burns its own smoke before it has the chance to escape the fire pit.

Why Choose Smokeless

We pioneered smokeless fire because you deserve to relax without drawbacks. You shouldn’t have to fight tears as you roast marshmallows. Gone are the days of smoky-smelling clothes. At Breeo, we think it’s time you get to enjoy the warmth and aroma of real, wood-burning fire unhindered by smoke.