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Since we pioneered the first smokeless fire pit, we’ve been on a mission to perfect the backyard fire experience. With unmatched durability, versatility, and performance, we’re committed to constant improvement of our products. We don’t settle for “good enough”. Read on to see what sets us apart.

"Love this pit’s versatility. Customizable to fit your cooking needs."

"An outstanding fire pit that serves as a hub for outdoor entertainment, can help you cook dinner, and looks like a piece of art all at the same time."

"Built like a tank. It doubles as a grill too plus puts out a ton of heat. The Breeo is hand-built from heavy-duty materials as well, so it should last for years."

Rated best wood-burning fire pit for your backyard or patio.

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"Compared to other fire pits I have seen, this blows the competition out of the water. Easy to use, virtually smoke free, highly versatile, easily cleaned and maintained, this is a fire pit for all occasions... and great for showing off! This is a great product, thoughtfully made and extremely well constructed. I look forward to many years of extensive use with this fire pit."

- P.G.

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Unmatched durability

"A good friend got a Breeo, and that same night I ordered my own. I’d been hesitating to pull the trigger on another popular brand, in particular because of concerns with durability and the need to store it away from the elements after every use. Seeing the solid build of the Breeo, and then reading the design philosophy that it is specifically meant to be left out, I knew my search was over. One of those rare items, where you’re absolutely happy you spent the money to get the best."

- Alexander H.

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built for cooking

"It’s a beautiful way to cook. After having mastered gas cooking, it’s a joy to use different hardwoods to cook and the results have been great. Food tastes better, and it also seems to tap into some primal instincts. I feel more relaxed immediately, and I sleep like a baby after using the breeo. It’s a life changer. Couldn’t be happier."

- Brian M.

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Unrivaled customer service

"I had a few questions about the product and was able to have all my questions answered over the phone by a very courteous and informed young lady. There was no pressure by her to purchase any additional items. I ordered on a Thursday morning and received the entire order in two days! Lightning fast! I was thrilled to use the fire pit over the weekend. The product is excellent. I believe it will give my wife and I many years of enjoyment."

- David B.

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