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the original smokeless fire pit

why smokeless fire pits

At Breeo, we exist to innovate the campfire experience and inspire those around us to spend more time together in the great outdoors. Breeo smokeless fire pits allow you to tap into the cross-cultural, age-old traditions of live-fire cooking, hang out without the drawbacks of campfire smoke, and create memories with your friends and family along the way.

Breeo built the very first Smokeless Fire Pit way back in 2011, and our product line and team have been constantly improving and expanding ever since. We’re proud that every fire pit we’ve ever sold has been made here, in Lancaster, PA.

Our passion for bringing communities together drives us to continuously improve our products for the campfire enthusiast. Together, we’re creating the ultimate campfire experience for generations to come.

make your gathering space unforgettable


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