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The Ultimate Backyard Smokeless Fire Pit

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Why Smokeless Fire Pits?

At Breeo, we exist to innovate the campfire experience and inspire those around us to spend more time together in the great outdoors. Breeo smokeless fire pits allow you to tap into the cross-cultural, age-old traditions of live-fire cooking, hang out without the drawbacks of campfire smoke, and create memories with your friends and family along the way.

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Intro to Breeo

Breeo built the very first Smokeless Fire Pit way back in 2011, and our product line and team have been updating and expanding ever since. Our passion for bringing communities together by creating the ultimate campfire experience for generations-to-come drives us to continuously improve and innovate products for the campfire enthusiast.

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Build it your way

Whether you’re the chef, adventurer, or patio dweller, you need a smokeless fire pit to match. Create the custom X Series smokeless fire pit to fit your unique lifestyle now and 10 years from now. Built to last. Built for you. Each fire pit ships fully assembled and ready to light! We have a fully customizable Fire Pit Builder to help get your perfect fire pit off the screen and into your yard. Select stainless or patina, sear plate or no sear plate, insert ring, accessories, and which grilling options best suit your needs. This tool makes it easy to visualize your purchase, and allows you to get the exact fire pit package to fit your lifestyle.

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Stainless vs Corten

The shine of 304 Stainless Steel or the architectural vibe of Corten Steel? Truth is, you can’t go wrong. Both metals will last a lifetime. Used in commercial kitchen appliances and automotive wheels and rims, 304 Stainless Steel is designed for sleek performance. On the other hand, Corten Steel is engineered to develop a weathered iron oxide surface coating (patina), protecting your fire pit from the elements the same way it does for bridges and building facades around the globe. Your Corten fire pit will arrive in a blue steel finish, and will develop the patina over time. Whether you choose Stainless Steel or Corten, your smokeless fire pit is built to withstand the elements and the test of time right here in Lancaster, PA.

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Make your gathering space unforgettable

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