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Breeo Trade-in / Recycling Program

At Breeo, we believe everyone’s experience around the fire should be as rewarding as possible. So in order to give everyone a chance at the latest Breeo innovations in smokeless fire pits, we’re offering a trade-in program so you can get your hands on a high-quality, feature-packed fire pit today.

Ready to upgrade your smokeless fire pit?

If you’ve got a smokeless fire pit (from Breeo or any smokeless brand) and you’re ready to decommission it - don’t send it to a landfill - take it to a recycling center or scrap-yard near you and we’ll give you 20% towards your new smokeless fire pit! Just send us an email with a picture of your receipt and our team will get your discount set up!

Most Recycling centers and scrap yards will accept Stainless and Corten Steel - and in most cases will pay you the market price! You keep the cash - all we need is the receipt or any documentation of drop-off. Once our team has verified that your old smokeless fire pit has been properly recycled, we’ll send you a 20% off coupon for your next fire pit purchase at Breeo.

How to Upgrade

1. Take a photo of your well enjoyed Breeo (or other smokeless brand) pit

2. Find your local Scrap or Recycling Facility and arrange your Drop-off of Pick-up

3. Once Complete - be sure to get a receipt for the total scrapped/recycled Stainless or Corten Steel

4. Come back to this page and submit your photo, receipt, and info below!

Maximum file size is 10 MB