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Functional Fireside Furniture
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Bringing comfort and utility to the smokeless experience

Designed to solve those all-too-familiar problems around the fire and built on our foundations of durability, practicality, and bringing people together, we are proud to expand the Breeo X Series Line with our Chair, Table, and our series of OutRig Accessories.

X Series Chair

Designed with an elevated seating position and OutRig accessory compatible, the X Series Chair allows you and your friends to keep gathered around the fire longer.

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Elevated seating position

Problem: Adirondack chairs sit too low. 

Solution: Better seating ergonomics allows you to sit closer to the fire, and closer to the conversation.

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Outrig accessory compatible

Problem: Balancing a plate on your lap.

Solution: Stop juggling your food. We designed OutRig accessories to make fireside dining easier.

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Ergonomic seating position keeps you sitting up where you want to be

X Series Table

Whether it's food prep or a buffet for the crowd, do it around the fire with your friends.

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Outpost Compatible

Problem: Too many trips inside to prep and serve food.

Solution: A dedicated prep and serving station for your live-fire cooking experience. Lay out and stay out.

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Wood storage

Problem: Too many trips to the wood shed. Solution: The X Series table allows you to gather and stay gathered.

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American Made and built by Breeo

All X Series Furniture is 100% made by Breeo. Using American made poly lumber and hand-crafted by our Breeo team in Lancaster, PA.

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