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Gather round

Designed for the patio enthusiast, our Zentro smokeless fire pits are designed to accommodate any type of block, stone, or concrete backyard fire pit surround. We offer two shapes and sizes that are made to fit most fire pit surrounds. Transform your smoky backyard fire into a beautiful, smokeless, wood-burning centerpiece in less than a minute with no assembly required. Add the optional grilling accessories to your fire pit, cook a mouth-watering over-the-fire dish, remove, and settle in for a relaxing evening around your smokeless fire.

Zentro Grill

The Zentro adjustable grill is designed to fit securely into your fire pit. Engineered for maximum heat control and durability, this grill grate is the ultimate grilling system for over the fire cooking. The Zentro grill sets up in seconds and disassembles just as quickly.

Tending to your Zentro fire pit

STAINLESS STEEL The Zentro stainless steel smokeless fire pits are built out of a high quality 304 stainless steel, which should never rust, allowing you leave your fire pit out in the elements all year long! This material will naturally develop a beautiful patina finish over time and requires no maintenance.

STEEL Be sure to burn a hot fire in your fire pit within 24-48 hours of having your fire pit outside. This will help to cure the paint on the top and outside of the fire pit. This product can reach potential temperatures of 1,900+ degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, there is no paint that can withstand both direct flame contact and outdoor use. We paint our fire pits with a High-Temp outdoor grill paint that has a heating rating up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, with use and time, the fire pit will begin to develop surface rust in some areas. For this reason, we build our fire pits very heavy duty so they will last for years and years, despite the rust. You can maintain the painted black look of your fire pit by sanding down any spots you would like to paint and then using a can of black high-temperature paint to touch-up the spots.

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