The original Breeo Smoke Less Fire Pit, the Ablaze is the fierce ‘papa bear’ of our fire pits. A stand-alone unit, this heavy duty steel fire pit was designed for those who prefer life in the rugged outdoors. Attach any of the accessories available for the Ablaze and you’ll never have to cook inside again!

In 2014, the Ablaze won the Best-In-Category and Best-in-Show at the Vesta Awards by Hearth and Home Magazine, two of the most prestigious industry awards available for fire pits and outdoor hearth products.

As with our other stand-alone fire pits, the Ablaze comes fully assembled and ready to go – simply transport to your cabin or campsite, lift your unit out of the box, and start your fire!

The Ablaze is an excellent choice for those looking to be outdoors more and indoors less – even over meal times! A Swing Away Grill attachment is available for all your typical cookout meal desires. Or, try your hand at making eggs, bacon, pancakes, french toast, and other fare on the Griddle Accessory. Chicken grilled in the Chicken Rotisserie Grill comes out of the fire tasting juicier and more flavorful than ever. If soups, stews, or even just coffee is more your style, add on the Kettle Winch and one of the Breeo Cast Iron Kettles and experiment with new recipes. Outdoor cooking has never been so easy or so fun!

Cooking over the Ablaze is an experience unlike any other outdoor cooking unit, as the same secondary combustion technology used to make this unit nearly smokeless also creates a hotter and more even cooking surface. In turn, this allows your cuisine to cook more quickly, all the while acquiring that oh-so-delicious, cooked-over-an-open-fire flavor.

Each of the Ablaze Fire Pits and Ablaze Fire Pit Accessories have been designed and manufactured by local craftsmen and are carefully packaged and shipped out of our location in Lancaster, PA.

Ablaze: How the Smoke Less Fire Pit Works


Ablaze 18″ Griddle

Model No.: AB/ZO-24GDL

Ablaze 24″ Chicken Rotisserie Grill

Model No.: AB/ZO-24CRG

Ablaze 24″ Swing Away Grill

Model No.: AB/ZO-24GR

Ablaze Accessory Post with Collar

Model No.: AB-24AP

Ablaze Kettle Winch

Model No.: AB/ZO-24KW


What are the dimensions for the Ablaze?
The Ablaze Fire Pit has an inside diameter of 24″, an outside diameter of 34″, and stands approximately 16.5″ tall. It weighs 105 lbs.
What are the differences between the Ablaze fire pit and the 24” Double Flame fire pit?
The main difference between the two is the weight. The Double Flame was created with mobility in mind(portable for camping, beach trips, life on the road, etc.), so it weighs in at approx. 57lbs, while the Ablaze is more of a heavy duty fire pit that you would set down and not move again(at least for a while, think what you would take up to your cabin, etc.), weighing almost double at 105lbs. Another difference is that the Ablaze is compatible with all of the Ablaze cooking accessories, while the only accessory available for the 24” Double Flame is the grill.