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X Series Live-fire Accessory Bundle


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Add our complete live-fire cooking set up to your Breeo Fire Pit and become the backyard firemaster. Grill, sear, roast, simmer… the possibilities are endless and they can all be done on your X Series Fire Pit. Versatility is the name of the game; from family cookouts to larger gatherings, this system gives you the tools to elevate and simplify your backyard hosting.

X19 Bundle Includes: 

  • X19 Outpost Grill
  • X19 SearPlate Griddle
  • X19 Kettle Hook
  • 1.5 gal Kettle
X24 Bundle Includes: 
  • X24 Outpost Grill
  • X24 SearPlate Griddle
  • X24 Kettle Hook
  • 1.5 gal Kettle 
X30 Bundle Includes: 
  • Two X24 Outpost Grills
  • X30 SearPlate Griddle
  • One X24 Kettle Hook
  • One 1.5 gal Kettle 

Pair this with the Backyard Bundle for the whole enchilada.

Need some inspiration? Check out our blogs for all kinds of recipes and ideas to get you live-fire cookin’.

Our Commitment

At Breeo we are committed to pioneering the best ways to enjoy wood burning fire. We maintain our base of operations in Lancaster County, PA where over generations of farmers and craftsmen have built a reputation for quality.