Are you designing a new stone patio area for your home? Or perhaps you have already created your ideal space and are looking to update your area with a stone fire pit? If so, the Zentro Fire Pit Insert is the fire pit for you!

Designed as an insert for stone, paver, or block fire rings, the Zentro comes in three different sizes, two different shapes, and two different finishes to fit your outdoor space dreams. Simply unbox your unit, lift it into your stone, paver, or block fire ring, light your fire, and enjoy!

The Zentro utilizes Breeo’s secondary combustion, nearly smokeless technology, making this an excellent choice for those looking for an innovative way to enjoy the age-old campfire. Pull up a chair and relish the beauty of a wood-burning fire without the annoyance of large amounts of smoke attempting to chase you around your fire pit.

The smoke reduction technology used in the Zentro unit also makes this an excellent option for those looking to up their grilling and outdoor cooking game. The secondary combustion makes for a hotter, more even cooking surface which allows your cuisine to cook more quickly, all the while acquiring that oh-so-delicious, cooked-over-an-open-fire flavor. A more even cooking surface means no more constant rotation of your steaks or pork chops, which allows your meat to stay juicy and tender. Consider making more than just dinner over your fire with the Zentro Griddle accessory – eggs, bacon, and pancakes have never tasted so good! Chicken grilled in the Chicken Rotisserie Grill comes out of the fire tasting juicier and more flavorful than ever. Or, try your hand at making soups and stews using the Zentro Kettle Winch accessory and one of our Breeo Cast Iron Kettles!

Each of the Zentro Fire Pits and Zentro Fire Pit Accessories has been designed and manufactured by local craftsmen and are carefully packaged and shipped out from our location in Lancaster, PA.


Zentro Round 24" Smoke Less Fire Pit Steel


Zentro Round 28" Smoke Less Fire Pit Steel


Zentro Round 32" Smoke Less Fire Pit Steel


Zentro Round 24" Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel


Zentro Round 28" Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel


Zentro Round 32" Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel


Zentro Square 24” Smoke Less Fire Pit Steel


Zentro Square 28" Smoke Less Fire Pit Steel


Zentro Square 32" Smoke Less Fire Pit Steel


Zentro Square 24” Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel


Zentro Square 28” Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel


Zentro Square 32” Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel
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How To Build A Zentro Smoke-Less Fire Pit

Pick Your Fire Pit

The Zentro™ line of fire pits are designed to easily fit into any existing or new paver, patio or stone fire pit. This product fits ring sizes ranging from 30″ to 41″ in diameter.


18″ Griddle

Model No.: AB/ZO-24GDL

24″ Chicken Rotisserie Grill

Model No.: AB/ZO-24CRG

24″ Swing Away Grill

Model No.: AB/ZO-24GR

Accessory Post with Collar

Model No.: ZO-24AP

Kettle Winch

Model No.: AB/ZO-24KW


Do I need to provide extra support to the bottom of my Zentro fire pit?
No, the flange, or outer lip, of our Zentro model has been built to sustain its own weight. Additionally, the space on the bottom is needed for effective airflow.
Can I set my Zentro directly on the ground?
The Zentro was designed to be an insert for existing or new paver, patio, or stone fire pits. As such, this unit requires at least 3" of airspace underneath the unit for airflow, which is needed for maximal smoke reduction. Therefore, the Zentro should be set inside a fire ring, rather than being placed directly on the ground.