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How to Purchase Block for a Fire Pit Surround

Building a surround for your Breeo fire pit is a simple way to create an elevated centerpiece for your patio landscaping. If you already have a stone surround, check out our Insert Rings and see which size will fit your current space. If you're looking to take on a backyard project and build it yourself, keep reading for a guide on purchasing stone for your surround. 

One thing to have prepared before heading to the local hardware store is your fire pit and surround measurements. For an X19, your inside diameter should measure between 22-26 inches, for the X24 fire pit, the measurements are 27-33 inches, and for the X30, between 34-39 inches. 

Another thing to keep in mind, is the height of your surround. Stack your block at least 15 inches high to leave room for your fire pit to rest on the insert ring. 

After building your stone surround, align the Insert Ring and lower your fire pit into the center for a finished and complete look. 

Below, we have a video to guide you throughout the purchasing process. After successfully building your surround, check out how to install your X Series Insert Ring Bundle.