Are your fire pits smoke free?

Smokeless means less smoke. The firepits will still produce some smoke, but the overall amount of smoke produced is significantly less than a conventional fire pit, if burned correctly. The fire pit works through a double-wall, secondary combustion design. Basically, when the fire is burning, the walls heat up and the hot air rises through the gap between the two walls. The air exits the wall cavity through the line of holes around the rim. This pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and causes it to reburn. This is secondary combustion. For more info, check out our article here: https://breeo.co/blogs/articles/maximize-your-smokeless-fire-pit.

Can you give me some tips for building my fire?

The key to achieving maximum smoke reduction is a very hot fire spread evenly throughout the fire pit. Be sure to have hot coals and fire burning against the outside wall of the fire pit as well. This will provide more heat in the double-walled air chamber, which in turn will provide a more aggressive air current up through the air chamber, forcing that secondary combustion which is so vital to a smokeless fire. Please note that adding logs to your fire does cause the fire to burn cooler, so allow approx. 10-20 minutes at the start of fire for the smoke to dissipate, and add logs one at a time throughout burn time to avoid a smoke increase. As for stacking the wood, our best recommendations are as follows: Be sure to use paper or starter fluid with small pieces of kindling, which will allow the heat to rise quickly. As the smaller pieces of split kindling burn, add larger, split logs (4-5" in diameter). We generally stack the wood teepee style. Also be sure that your wood has been dried sufficiently before attempting to burn. For more info, check out our article here: https://breeo.co/blogs/articles/how-to-build-a-fire

Can I burn Duraflame, Enviralog, etc., logs in my fire pit?

Yes. However, at this point, we at Breeo have not tested these types of logs in our fire pits. They will not damage the fire pit, but there is a possibility of less smoke reduction, as these logs have been manufactured to burn longer, but with less heat.

How often do I need to clean out my fire pit? And what should I use to do so?

If you use the fire pit for 2-3 hours at a time and then let it burn down afterward, you can use up to 6 times before needing to clean-out the ashes. If you burn it all day, you will need to empty out the coals that build up at some point because they will take up more space than ashes. The easiest way to clean them out would be to either use a small hearth shovel with a short handle to scoop the ashes out or to simply tilt the fire pit on its side and dump them. Please use caution as ashes may still be hot. See our recommended Ash Removal Tool here: https://breeo.co/products/ash-removal-tool?_pos=1&_sid=13aaa2e00&_ss=r

I love camping. Which fire pit is the best fit for me?

Our Double Flame line was specially designed with portability in mind. These units are lighter-weight than our other units, making them perfect to take with you on your next camping excursion!

How far away from a structure should my fire pit be?

Breeo does not have a set policy on the distance of placing a fire pit from a house. Each customer must adhere to the local regulations in their area for the distance of a fire pit's placement from a house. Breeo's fire pits are no more or no less hazardous than the normal fire pit on the market, so it would fall under the same category.

Is it safe for me to use my Smokeless Fire Pit on a deck?

Unfortunately, due to liability reasons, we cannot recommend using any of our Smokeless Fire Pits on a deck. Placing block underneath the fire pit can help to protect the decking from the heat of your fire pit, but due to the fire pit burning wood, there is an added risk of sparks landing on, and causing damage to, your deck. A spark screen can help with the sparks but, again, for the above liability reasons, Breeo does not recommend using any Smokeless Fire Pit on a deck.

Where are the Breeo fire pits made?

All of our products are made by skilled Amish craftsmen in Lancaster, PA. For more info on where and how our products are made, check out our video here: https://breeo.co/blogs/breeotv/why-is-breeo-made-in-america

Is the fire pit lid waterproof?

While the lid does significantly reduce the amount of rain or snow allowed into the fire pit, it is not entirely waterproof.

Are there drainage holes in the fire pits?

Yes. These drainage holes are important not only for water drainage but also to increase air flow during combustion to increase smoke reduction.

Can I place my fire pit on concrete?

Yes, however, we recommend allowing a minimum of 3 inches of space under the pit for air flow purposes. Having extra space or spreading sand or gravel under your pit is a good idea as well, as it allows for extra protection against heat damage to the concrete surface.

Do you sell covers for your fire pits?

Unfortunately, Breeo does not currently carry any kind of fire pit cover. You may be able to find one at amazon.com, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

Is installation required for all of your products?

Currently, our Zentro model is our only line requiring installation. These fire pits are designed to easily fit into any existing or new paver, patio or stone fire pit.

Is there a warranty for your fire pits?

Breeo holds a limited lifetime warranty on all Smoke Less fire pits. This warranty covers any defects in material to workmanship of the product. However, this warranty does not cover any defects with respect to paint and surface rust on areas affected by fire or heat. See details on our warranty page (link in the footer).

Do you offer local pickup?

Unfortunately we don't offer local pickup at our manufacturing location, all of our orders are processed through our shipping department. However, we do offer free shipping for all our orders to the lower 48, so there is no additional charge to have it shipped directly to you.