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  • Breeo Archive: Launching the Outpost Grill with Chef Jean-Paul

    If you ever find yourself exploring YouTube and falling into the rabbit hole of videos about smokeless fire, live-fire cooking, and the best fire p...

  • Breeo Archive: A Bump In The Road

    Here at Breeo® Headquarters, you can find Breeo Co-Founder, Jonathan Miller, going in and out of meetings, discussing product development, and shar...

  • Breeo Archive: California Foraging with James Barkman

    This month in the Breeo® Archive Series, we introduce a friend of Breeo. James Barkman is a freelance photographer, mountaineer, dirt bike enthusiast, avid surfer, hunter, and pretty much an all around outdoorsman. Check out this story from James and co founder, Jonathan. 

  • Dos and Don'ts of Smokeless Fire

    As much as a fire can elevate an evening gathering and create a space of comfort and relaxation, it can quickly turn to the opposite. An evening of...

  • Breeo Archive: The Ablaze

    Welcome to the Breeo® Archives series! The last 10 years of smokeless fire has taken us on quite the journey as we've strived to develop and build ...

  • The Ultimate Staycation Guide

    There's one thing you need to add to the family schedule before the summer ends and that's a weekend staycation. Here's 10 ways to turn a weekend at home to a vacation for the family.

  • ZOE International Takes on the Race Across America

    Community and sharing success are two things that we value at Breeo®. We take action toward these values through donations to local and internation...

  • Which Breeo Fire Pit is Best for Me

    If you find yourself wondering “which fire pit is best for me,” here is your guide to creating your customized Breeo® fire pit and learning which one is best for you.

  • The History of Breeo

    Here at Breeo®, innovation is expected. “Living against the grain” is how the company started, and we keep experiencing the journey of live-fire. For Breeo, the adventure began when two innovators began wondering if fire could be experienced in a new way. 

  • Rethinking Fire Tour: A Breeo Origin Story

    In the earliest days of Breeo®, co-founder Jonathan Miller didn't set out to build a brand. He had a passion for living against the grain and a smokeless fire pit he wanted to introduce to the world.

  • How Breeo is Smokeless

    How does a smokeless fire pit work? Using our X Airflow technology, we managed to create our Breeo® Fire Pits. Read more and watch a video about how this technology has resulted in the first smokeless fire pit. 

  • The Backyard Fire Pit Inspiration You’ve Been Missing

    We've pulled together 3 of our top backyard styling principles to help you make your outdoor living dreams come true.

  • Let's Talk Wood

    The type of wood you use plays a crucial part in your over the fire cooking. Hear what insight Pro-Team Member, Christie Vanover has to share about the perfect wood to use for your live fire cooking experience.

  • From Lancaster, Pennslyvania to Your Door

    From our manufacturing to our marketing our base of operations for everything we do is right here in Lancaster, Pa. Hear from our founders about what they value most about Breeo®, and get a glimpse of what the production process looks like for our very own fire pits. 

  • Why Stainless Steel Fire Pits?

    Bold. Durable. Solid. Stainless steel fire pits are built to last. With unparalleled corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand rust and the elements, partnered with their sleek aesthetic, stainless steel fire pits take any outdoor space to the next level.

  • 2021 Live Fire Food Trends

    With 2020 in the rearview mirror and spring on the horizon, we’re ready to fire up the grill. Read on for five live fire cooking food trends you can expect in 2021.

  • Why Do We Use Corten Steel?

    We are proud to manufacture our smokeless fire pits from durable materials that are built for a lifetime in the elements. Corten steel isn't just an aesthetic choice, it's a corrosion resistant material engineered to last.