Luxeve Smoke-Reducing Fire Pit FAQ

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Today we want to address some of the frequently asked questions about our Luxeve Fire Pit. Hopefully this blog will answer your questions and assist you in your research. Below are some frequently asked questions about our Luxeve Fire Pit, the answers to those questions, and some benefits that this fire pit provides .

Question: Is the Luxeve Fire Pit really smokeless?

Answer: Yes, the Luxeve Fire Pit is really smokeless. Once the fire has reached full size and the walls of the fire pit have been heated up, the fire pit reduces an estimated 80%-90% of the smoke that the fire creates (hence "smoke-less"). There are several conditions that can hinder the smoke-reducing technology from working properly. Some of these hindrances include wood that is too wet or using wood that is too green.

Luxeve Benefit: The smoke-reducing technology that is used for the Luxeve keeps the dreaded smoke from chasing you and your friends around the fire pit and makes every seat around the fire pit become comfortable and inviting for you and your guests.

Question: What does the Luxeve Fire Pit burn?

Answer: The Luxeve Fire Pit burns wood.

Luxeve Benefit: There’s nothing like sitting around a traditional wood fire. This is the camp fire “fuel” that has been used for thousands of years for cooking, warmth, light, and so much more. The Luxeve Fire Pit gives you a modern fire pit that uses this traditional “fuel”. A wood burning fire pit can also save time and money during installation.

Question: Will the Luxeve Fire Pit rust?

Answer: Yes, over time the Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit will rust. The fire pit bowl is made of steel and coated with a black, Hi-Temp Grill Paint. This grill paint is rated to withstand temperatures of 1,000 – 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this paint, along with all other grill paints in the market, can not withstand the direct contact of a fire. Because of this, the paint that comes in contact with the fire, mainly the paint that is inside the fire pit bowl, will begin to burn off within 1-2 uses of the fire pit. As the paint burns off and the raw steel of the fire pit is exposed to the outdoor weather, the spots where the paint has burned off will begin to rust. Again, this is something that mainly happens inside the fire bowl of the fire pit. The outside skirting of the fire pit is made of steel and coated with a powder coating. This powder coating should not come in contact with the flames of the fire, so rust should not appear on this skirting for quite some time.

Luxeve Benefits: There are a few steps we have taken to make sure the Luxeve Fire Pit is equipped to withstand years of use in the outdoors even with rust. First, we manufacture the Luxeve Fire Pit with thicker gauge steel so that the rust does not have a strong effect on the fire pit’s strength and durability for multiple years. The fire pit is made of approximately 130 pounds of steel and painted with a black, Hi-Temp Grill Paint. Second, a can of the black, Hi-Temp Grill Paint is included with every Luxeve Fire Pit to allow you, the customer, to touch-up the spots of the fire pit that may begin to show rust. There are some customers who would rather let the fire pit take on the natural rust look, which will eventually give it a Patina finished look.

Question: Will the Luxeve Fire Pit burn hotter than a normal fire pit?

Answer: Yes, the Luxeve Fire Pit burns approximately 25% hotter than a normal fire pit. The reason the fire pit burns hotter is due to the re-burning of the smoke which the smoke-reducing technology provides the fire pit. The shape of the fire pit is also enclosed more than most fire pits, which allows the fire pit to retain heat for a longer period of time.

Luxeve Benefit: The extra heat that the Luxeve Fire Pit generates will provide you and your friends greater warmth when sitting around the fire on a cool evening.

Question: What size is the Luxeve Fire Pit?

Answer: The Luxeve Fire Pit has a 24” Inside Diameter and an outside diameter of 31”. The height of the fire pit is 15”.

Luxeve Benefit: The size of the Luxeve Fire Pit is perfect for creating a nice size fire. The fire pit is also very easy for two people to pick-up and move if needed.

Question: Does the bottom of the Luxeve Fire Pit have holes for water drainage?

Answer: Yes, the Luxeve Fire Pit does have multiple holes at the bottom. These holes provide the fire pit with water drainage and better airflow. The holes are covered with slats that help to keep them from being clogged with ash.

Luxeve Benefit: The holes on the bottom of the Luxeve Fire Pit allow rainwater to drain out of the fire pit. The holes also provide additional airflow for the fire pit, which helps the smoke-reducing technology work more effectively.

Question: How often should the Luxeve be cleaned out?

Answer: We recommend that the Luxeve Fire Pit be cleaned out every 4-6 uses, as long as the fire burns completely down to a fine, grey ash each time. This number of uses can also be determined by the amount of wood that was burned during each use. Using an ashtray and shovel, the fire pit can easily be cleaned out in 5-10 minutes.

Luxeve Benefit: Keeping the Luxeve Fire Pit free from ash will allow the fire pit to burn more efficiently.

Question: Is there a warranty on the Luxeve Fire Pit?

Answer: Yes, there is a 3-year warranty on the Luxeve Fire Pit. The paint is not covered under this warranty.

Luxeve Benefit: The Luxeve Fire Pit can be purchased with confidence knowing that it is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Once again, we hope that this blog was helpful in answering your questions about the Luxeve Fire Pit. If this blog did not answer all of your questions, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you out!