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  • The Greatest Grate

    We truly believe the Breeo Outpost is the greatest grate to ever grace the face of the planet. We'd stake our steak on it (and you know how much we love steak). Check out this video to find out why!

  • Catch n' Cook

    There are few things as delicious as fresh-caught, open-fire grilled salmon and lake trout. Of course, it tastes even better when you get to catch and cook it yourself from start to finish. Check out this video of our team getting the full catch n' cook experience!

  • Unboxing the Breeo X Series

    A question we often get asked is how our fire pits show up what they're shipped to your door. The answer is simple - fully assembled and ready to light. The only thing you'll have to do is open the box and fire it up!

  • Introducing the Breeo Outpost

    The Breeo Outpost is a portable, adaptable grill to fit our fire pits, as well as anchor into the ground (or sand) just above your campfire. Check out our video to learn more!

  • The Luxeve Fire Pit in Earth Rust

    The Luxeve Smokeless fire pit comes in five different color configurations on its powder-coated exterior wall. One of these is Earth Rust, and its ...

  • A Vacation Property that Features a Luxeve Fire Pit!

    How about this for an AirBnB? This beautiful property near Nashville, TN adds to its already epic appeal by having a Luxeve smokeless fire pit on t...

  • The Luxeve Smokeless Fire Pit on a Modern Patio!

     This week on our Customer Spotlight series we feature Dr. Hastings from Suffolk, VA. His backyard paradise was made possible in part due to the po...

  • How Your Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit is Made

    Ever wondered how your Breeo smokeless fire pit was made? Now you can find out! In this video, we dive into the step-by-step process we use to craf...

  • WHY is BREEO Made in America?

    Breeo is Made in Pennsylvania, USA because we live in Pennsylvania, USA. We want to be close to the process, and stay intimately involved in our pr...

  • Liberation Tiny Homes - A Collaboration

    In this video we explore a local company that builds amazing, modern tiny homes! Liberation Tiny Homes is only a short distance from Breeo, and the...

  • Testing the Heat

    How much heat do Breeo smokeless fire pits produce? In this episode of BreeoTV's "From the Founder" series, we answer that question.  Very often th...