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  • Unboxing The Luxeve Fire Pit

    You’ve finally ordered your Luxeve® smokeless fire pit after taking the time to choose the perfect color and glass that will complement your patio ...

  • X30 Fire Pit Specs and FAQ

    In this video, we answer the most frequently asked questions about the Breeo® X30 fire pit and include everything you need to know about the bigges...

  • Ten Years of Smokeless Fire

    We’ve spent the last 10 years at Breeo® innovating our smokeless technology, and we aren’t done yet. In celebration of the tenth anniversary of smo...

  • FAQ's with Breeo® Co-Founder

    Co-Founder of Breeo®, Jonathan, is here to answer the most frequently asked questions. Check out the video for everything you need to know. 

  • Unboxing the X Series Fire Pit

    A question we often get asked is how our fire pits show up what they're shipped to your door. The answer is simple - fully assembled and ready to light. The only thing you'll have to do is open the box and fire it up!

  • Catch n' Cook

    There are few things as delicious as fresh-caught, open-fire grilled salmon and lake trout. Of course, it tastes even better when you get to catch and cook it yourself from start to finish. Check out this video of our team getting the full catch n' cook experience!

  • Customer Spotlight: Luxeve® Smokeless Fire Pit

    This week on our Customer Spotlight series we feature Dr. Hastings from Suffolk, VA. His backyard paradise was made possible in part due to the por...

  • How Your Breeo® Smokeless Fire Pit is Made

    Ever wondered how your Breeo® smokeless fire pit was made? Now you can find out. In this video, we dive into the step-by-step process we use to cra...

  • WHY is BREEO® Made in America?

    Breeo is Made in Pennsylvania, USA because we live in Pennsylvania, USA. We want to be close to the process, and stay intimately involved in our pr...