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Pizza Peel



Maneuver your pizza like a pro with the Breeo Pizza Peel. Designed with the perfect combination of style and functionality, it can slip under pizzas seamlessly while being sturdy enough for the most loaded pies. Using the Breeo Pizza Peel means you can prep, launch, rotate, and remove your pizza with ease, while its heat-resistant silicone grip gives you full control of your cook every time. 

  • Lightweight construction (1lb 5oz)
  • 28” x 13” x 1”
  • Comfortable high-temp silicone grip
  • Stainless steel handle and rivets with aluminum peel blade
  • Ultra-thin peel blade (.055”) is sturdy and flexible
  • Beveled edge on peel blade to easily slide under pizza
  • Weather resistant and durable through all seasons
  • Compatible with OutRig Post and Tri-Hook accessories

Want the full kit? Get the peel and everything you'll need in our Smokeless Pizza Oven Bundle - or just the tools in our Pizza Tools Bundle


Weather resistant through all seasons. Clean with soap and hot water. Barkeepers Friend or SOS pad can be used to remove more stubborn dirt. 


Peel can become hot when in use with oven.


Weight: 1lb 5oz
Length: 28 in.
Width: 13 in.
Height: 1 in.
Blade thickness: 0.055 in.



Put flour or cornmeal on the peel under the dough to help it slide off the peel into the oven. We recommend shaping your dough and adding toppings with the dough on the peel.


Place the peel into the opening over the pizza stone. In a smooth, quick motion, draw the peel out of the oven, allowing the pizza to slide off onto the stone. It may take a few gentle shimmying motions to get the pizza fully off the peel and onto the stone. This is where the cornmeal or flour underneath the dough will help the transfer go smoothly.


After a minute or so, the crust of your pizza will have hardened a bit, so you should be able to slide the peel under the crust fairly easily. You can either use the peel to rotate the pizza within the oven or you can pull the pizza out and spin it on the peel with your hand before sliding it back in.

Need some help?

Text with a Breeo Firemaster in Lancaster, PA for personalized advice and service.



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