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Pro Team

Part of the Breeo Family

Sarah Glover

Sarah Glover is an internationally renowned chef and explorer who has travelled the world in search of epic food and wild adventures. As a classically trained chef and pastry chef, Sarah brings skill to fire-side cooking, scaling windswept cliffs and salty stretches of beach to create simple, uncomplicated and seriously tasty food (always with a grin!). Sarah has forged a career in Bondi Beach, Tasmania and beyond. She is the author of WILD: Adventure Cookbook and owner of the Wild Kitchen, a catering company founded on extraordinary events, cooked up under the stars. She collaborates with brands to develop unique, inspiring content, and creates recipes and experiences for her loyal community.

Tom Wallisch

Tom Wallisch made it clear that fame, fortune and success could be achieved in the ski industry through alternative channels. He came onto the scene right as online edits and social media were blowing up and developed one of the most loyal fan bases on the Internet. In 2012, his breakout competition season, Wallisch landed on seven podiums and won two X Games medals–gold in Aspen (with the highest score in Skiing Slopestyle history) and silver at Euro X. He won the overall Dew Cup, was named 2012 Men’s Slopestyle World Champion, and came in first in the AFP Slopestyle World Rankings. He’s only the second skier in history to win Powder's coveted Reader Poll back-to-back years and has twice won Freeskier Magazine's Skier of the Year. Even after all the fame, Wallisch is still a personality kids can relate to. His mass appeal stems from his approachability with fans. He comes from Pittsburgh, grew up skiing a 700-ft resort in Maryland, and never had a personal coach. Nothing was handed to him. He’s just your average, everyday guy with a contagious love for skiing.

Derek Wolf

Derek is a backyard fire cooking pioneer, who runs the largest US based grilling account on Instagram, with over 1M followers. He is very involved with the Breeo team, not only with recipes & content, but also helping with product testing & improvement.

Jean-Paul Bourgeois

"Born on the Bayou," Chef Jean Paul is a Louisiana native that now hails from NYC. A professional chef himself, Jean-Paul is dedicated to reviving the simpler, more primal methods of cooking. He is fond of saying that anything cooked in the kitchen can be made over the fire.

Chris and Pam Daniele

Chris and Pam Daniele (@heypamcakes) are a photographer team based out of Western Massachusetts who share a passion for travel and all things outdoors. While on the road most of the year, their scope of work varies from Travel/Adventure and Architectural Photography, specializing in unique cabin rental properties across North America. When they are not on the road you can find them working on their tiny off-the-grid cabin in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Christie Vanover

Christie is the owner and pitmaster of Girls Can Grill, an online movement that teaches people, especially women, the art of live fire cooking. Based out of Vegas, you can usually find her traveling the country in her RV, competing and judging on the BBQ circuit.