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OutRig Tray


Ships same or next business day


The OutRig Tray eliminates the struggle of balancing a plate of food on your knees and creates an easily accessible surface so you can enjoy every bite. Add it to your X Series Table or Chair for a customized fireside experience.

  • Complete your Setup - Pair the OutRig Cupholder with the X Series Table and Chair to create your ideal setup for the evening.
  • Stow Easily - with simple swivel functionality and an easy to use “stow” position, leave your tray tucked away or quickly engage it for use.
  • Weather Resistant - Leave your OutRig Accessories outside worry-free of any rust or corrosion.


Need some help?

Text with a Breeo Firemaster in Lancaster, PA for personalized advice and service.



Our Commitment

At Breeo we are committed to pioneering the best ways to enjoy wood burning fire. We maintain our base of operations in Lancaster County, PA where over generations of farmers and craftsmen have built a reputation for quality.