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How To

  • How To Host Outdoors: The Ultimate Guide

    In a season of festivities and attending parties, how are you going to make yours stand out this year? Learn how to host the flawless backyard event from professional party planner, Kendra Herr.

  • How To Set Up Your Outpost Grill: The Ultimate Guide

    What’s the essential piece of equipment for over-the-fire cooking?  Pro Team member and live-fire chef, Jean-Paul Bourgeois, describes the Outpost™...

  • How to Cook on a Breeo Fire Pit

    Whether you’ve been cooking on your Breeo® fire pit for years or are stoked about igniting the first burn, here’s your guide to over the fire cooking and how to best utilize your Breeo cooking accessories. 

  • How to Start a Fire: The Ultimate Guide

    Whether you just got your Breeo® fire pit or you need a refresher on the basics of smokeless fire, this guide is going to help you take steps to be...

  • How to Purchase Block for a Fire Pit Surround

    Build your own stone surround for your Breeo® fire pit and create a backyard centerpiece. We've made the purchase process easy for you by creating a guide for everything you need to know when buying stone for your surround.

  • Tips For Live Fire Cooking

    Here are 5 tips from Breeo® and Pro-Team members to help you nail that first try cooking on your smokeless fire pit.

  • How To Install the Insert Ring Bundle

    In 5 easy steps, transform your freestanding fire pit into a built-in patio centerpiece. The Insert Bundle gives you all the perks of an X Series smokeless fire pit, but is designed to fit into your stone or concrete surround.  

  • How to Patina Your Corten Steel Fire Pit

    Learn how to speed up the natural patina process on your Corten steel fire pit to develop the earthy, rust color in a short amount of time.

  • How to Clean the SearPlate™ Rim

    It's expected for your SearPlate™ rim to develop spots and stains as you take on live fire cooking. If your looking for general maintenance tips and the recommended cleaning procedure for your SearPlate rim, here you have it!

  • How to Use the Breeo Ash Shovel

    Keeping your Breeo® fire pit ash-free and doing a quick ash scoop after every use or two will ensure the best results whenever you're ready to light it up again. Check out the video to learn how to use your Ash Shovel to maximize your experience!