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How To

  • How to Start a Fire

    The key to becoming a world class firemaster is, of course, mastering fire. Here is everything you need to know when building, starting, and maintaining your fire.

  • How to Purchase Block for a Breeo Surround

    Giving your Breeo fire pit a permanent space in your backyard by building a surround will elevate your space and enhance live-fire cooking. When bu...

  • How to Cook Over a Live Fire

    There are few things like the flavor of a live-fire cooked steak or surf and turf on a grill over hot coals. Here are 5 tips from the Breeo and Pro...

  • How To Install the X Series Insert Ring

    In 4 easy steps, transform your freestanding fire pit into a built-in patio centerpiece. The X Series Insert Ring gives you all the perks of an X Series smokeless fire pit, but is designed to fit into your stone or concrete coping. Same smokeless technology, same cooking abilities, but now in a surround to fit your own backyard style.

  • How to Patina Your X Series Smokeless Fire Pit

    Learn how to speed up the natural patina process to develop the rich, rust color on your X Series fire pit by watching this video!

  • How to Clean the X Series Sear Plate

    In this video, we'll show you how to clean your sear plate so you can maximize your fire pit use and get back to enjoying it to the fullest!

  • How to Use the X Series Sear Plate

    You've heard tales of the wonders of cooking on a Breeo X Series fire pit Sear Plate. Now you are preparing to embark on your journey to explore it for yourself. Consider this video your road map to a seamless over-the-fire, Sear Plate experience.

  • How to Use the Breeo Ash Shovel

    Keeping your Breeo fire pit ash-free and doing a quick ash scoop after every use or two will ensure the best results whenever you're ready to light it up again. Check out the video to learn how to use your Ash Shovel to maximize your experience!

  • How To Cook on a Fire Pit for a Group

    Recently I was tasked with making burgers for 40+ people at a family gathering in Ontario. Luckily, I happened to have a couple of Double Flame fir...