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How Breeo is Smokeless

One of the first questions we get when we say the phrase "smokeless fire pit" is "Wow, how is it smokeless?" If you've been wondering the same question, we want to answer it for you.

Our fire pits are designed with a patented X Airflow technology that serves as an air source for "primary combustion," burning off the smoke from the bottom of the fire pit. As the fire pit heats up, it forces air up between the double walls to the secondary combustion holes around the rim of the fire pit, which burn the smoke off before it leaves the fire pit.

Some important things to keep in mind when focusing on having a smokeless fire would be things like guaranteeing the wood you're using is dry and split down to a correct size. Wood that's too big can smolder the fire and cause it smoke, and wood that's damp or isn't dry enough won't really light - it'll only smoke.

Another thing to think about is maintaining airflow as you build your fire. This means that you always want to lay your wood perpendicular or across the wood around it. You want to avoid laying your wood side by side.

Watch this video for an explanation of our smokeless technology and how you can enjoy a smokeless fire. For more info, check out our How We're Smokeless page.