Breeo® Basics: Sausage on the Outpost™ Grill

Breeo® Basics brings you a how-to sausage recipe to cook any sausage of your choice. Whether it be maple links or a savory sausage rope, we’ve got you covered. This classic meat choice is perfect as a side for your pancakes or the highlight of your meal in a bun. 

Much like the savory sear of a steak, the perfectly cooked sausage has a thin golden crust and luckily, this can be easily achieved when cooking over a live fire. The Breeo fire pit offers several cooking methods varying from the SearPlate™ rim, to the Outpost™ grill, to the Kettle Hook, and Kettle. For sausage specifically, our team recommends cooking on the Outpost grill which offers versatility and allows for controlled heat. This is especially important while cooking sausage, due to the possibility of a sausage bursting if it’s cooking over high heat. Because of this, we recommend cooking over low to medium heat, which would be 8-12 inches above the flame tips. Now that we’ve got the background tips for cooking the best sausage, let's get into the recipe.  

Live-Fire Cooking Pro Tip: Using a dry, hardwood like oak is ideal for over-the-fire cooking.

What you’ll need:

Sausage of Your Choice
Meat Thermometer
Breeo® fire pit and Breeo Outpost™ grill
Heat Protectant Gloves


Attach the Breeo Outpost™ grill and start your fire. Allow the grill to heat above the flames until fire tips remain under the rim. Adjust the Outpost Grill to medium heat which is 8-12 inches above flame tips. Add wood to your fire as necessary, spreading your fire in the pit as much as possible which creates an even cooking surface area.

Place your sausage on the grill. If you are cooking a sausage rope, make sure to spread the link out so none of the sausage is touching each other.

Flip your sausage consistently, paying close attention to where the highest heat is on the grill. A couple tips to create consistent heat: rotate your sausage around the Outpost grill to diversify the heat applied to each piece and adjust the height of your Outpost grill as needed using heat protectant gloves. 

Your sausage is fully cooked when it reaches 160° Fahrenheit. Visually, your sausage will shrink down and will have a thin golden crust, this is when your sausage is ideally cooked. 

Remove your sausage from the grill. Place it directly in the bun for a sandwich or eat it as a side for your pancakes and eggs.

After enjoying your sausage, you may notice grease residue on your SearPlate™ rim from the sausage dripping from the Outpost grill. This is normal and maintaining and cleaning your SearPlate rim is part of the over-the-fire cooking experience. For a how-to on maintaining and cleaning your SearPlate rim check out this article and video.