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Campfire Seafood

Being able to live independent of grocery stores and electricity is something that holds at least a little fascination for most of us. We wonder about what is possible, and wonder what may one day be necessary. This concept is one that I have been toying with for years, especially with regard to food and heat.
With that in mind, I decided to shell out the necessary $145 for a non-resident fishing license for while we are in California. My thought was that if I can catch enough fish from the rocks and surf, the savings in the grocery bill will offset the cost of the license. And plus, I really wanted to give Double Flame a test for campfire seafood.

It turned out that the most readily available species of fish to catch from the coast was what is known as Surf Perch. These remind me of crappie or sunfish, and are caught using Gulp sandworms or Motor Oil Grubs on a #4 hook. You want to weigh down the jig with about an ounce of weight, and keep the hook at least 12-18 inches away. Its really a very simple setup.

When we arrived in Pismo Beach, CA my first cast resulted in a perch! Since then, we have been eating perch in some form or fashion pretty much every day.

Here is one recipe
1. Scale and gut the fish, leaving the head attached.
2. Get a cast iron skillet very hot over the fire. This is much easier with the consistant heat and stability of the grill on any of Breeo’s smokeless fire pits. I use the Double Flame for beach camping because of portability.
3. Pour about a half inch of oil in the skillet, and let it get hot before adding the fish.
4. Season the fish with sea salt and pepper. Or you can do cajun, old bay, or lemon. Depending on the flavor profile you are going for.
5. CAREFULLY put the fish in the hot oil
6. Turn once they start to turn brownish. Its a very quick cook, only a couple minutes max.


If you have ideas for other types of fresh or saltwater food over the fire, shoot me an email at Jonathan@breeoindustries.com