Cooking With Breeo: Steak

Nothing quite beats the flavor of steak seared over the open flame. Pair it with a side of roasted vegetables or your favorite carb and you have an unbeatable meal. 

Our key to a delicious steak is to keep it simple. A sprinkle of salt & pepper and the occasional addition of butter is all the flavor you need to add, let the meat do the rest. Keep reading and watch the video below for more tips from live-fire chef Scott Garber and achieve the steak you’ve been dreaming of.

What’ll You’ll Need 

Ribeye Steak 

Coarse Salt 

Coarse Ground Black Pepper 


Olive Oil 


Start your fire and add the Outpost™ grill to your SearPlate® rim fire pit.

Remove your steak from the packaging and allow it to rest and reach room temperature before seasoning. 

Keep it simple, and season the steak generously on all sides with coarse salt & pepper.

Live-Fire Cooking Pro Tip: Prevent the salt from drying out the steak by seasoning immediately before grilling. 

Melt some butter on the SearPlate rim, add a bit of olive oil, and place the ribeyes on the rim. 

Rotate the steak around the fire pit to maintain even heat on the meat and continue adding more butter to the rim. 

Once the steak forms a golden crust, flip and repeat on the other side. 

Continue adding butter to the steak throughout the searing and grilling process for additional flavor. 

Once both sides of the steak are seared, use a pair of tongs to sear the edges of the steak and lock in the moisture.


After every side is seared, place the steak onto the preheated grill over medium heat. You should be able to hold your hand over the Outpost grill for about 3-4 seconds. 

Grill the steak until it reaches an internal temperature around 135°F.

Remove the meat from the grill grate and let it rest for five minutes to allow time for the moisture to lock in.

After letting the steak rest for a few minutes, you’re ready to slice into it and serve! 

Enjoy this steak recipe during your next evening around the flames and appreciate the simple delicacy of a golden brown, perfectly seared steak.