Fire Pit Cowboy Cooking in Wyoming

This past week the Rethinking Fire Tour took us through southern Wyoming on I-80. On Friday night we stopped at Medicine Bow National forest an hour or two before dark.

We were hungry after traveling all day, so I decided to make a real cowboy-type meal to fit the setting that we were in. First I gathered some wood from some fallen trees and branches about a quarter mile away using my trusty double bit axe.

Next I hit the steaks with roasted garlic seasoning from McCormick and put them on the grill for a couple minutes. One of the keys to Fire Pit Cowboy Cooking is consistent heat, which is much easier to control with a secondary combustion system. The heat is projected evenly upward and is distributed across the grill in a uniform way. Controlling the grill surface temperature is made easy but just adjusting the height of the grill over the flames. Normally I sear steaks with the grill as low to the flames as it will go, and then bring them up about 10 -14 inches off the flames to finish them off.

No cowboy meal is complete without beans! We just set the can of beans on the grill to heat it up. Remember to punch a whole in the top of the can! Otherwise you may have a bean explosion.
The finished meal had that rustic, wood-fired feel to it that fit our surroundings perfectly.

After the meal was done and the sun was set, we made some tea and sat around the fire. As the moon rose higher in the sky, coyotes started to bark and yip far out in the sage.