Now available in two different sizes, the Double Flame Fire Pit is created to be a lighter-weight, but still heavy-duty, fire pit that will last for a lifetime of use in the great outdoors. Both the 19” and 24” sizes weigh in at less than 65 pounds, which allows for portability to and from your campsite, beachfront, or backyard! Each unit comes completely assembled and ready to pack in with the rest of your camping supplies.

Utilizing the same secondary combustion, smoke reducing technology found in the rest of the Breeo fire pits, the Double Flame is an excellent choice for those looking for an innovative way to enjoy the age-old campfire. A nearly smokeless campfire means more fun, so pull up a chair and relish the beauty of a wood-burning fire without the annoyance of large amounts of smoke attempting to chase you around your fire pit.

Here at Breeo, we are firm believers that food cooked over an open fire is simply better tasting food. That’s why we offer the Double Flame Grill attaches to the fire pit. The same technology used to create the smoke reduction also allows for a more evenly distributed heat over the grill surface. In turn, this allows for juicier and more tender meat, as you no longer need to constantly shift each piece around to be cooked at the same temperature and time. Steaks, pork chops, sausages, and hamburgers have never been so much fun to grill!

Do you like the look of a stone fire pit but would also like the option to take your fire pit with you on your next adventure? Try building a stone, paver, or block fire ring around your Double Flame fire pit! This way, you can still enjoy the beauty of a permanent feature in your backyard but have the freedom to lift it out and take it with you wherever you roam.

Each of the Double Flame Fire Pits and Double Flame Fire Pit Accessories has been designed and manufactured by local craftsmen and are carefully packaged and shipped out of our location in Lancaster, PA.

Double Flame 19" Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel

Double Flame 24" Smoke Less Fire Pit Stainless Steel

Double Flame 24" Smoke Less Fire Pit Steel

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How To Build The World's Cutest Fire Pit

Unwrapping Your New Double Flame Fire Pit

Grilling on the Double Flame fire pit is a real pleasure and a lot of fun. The secondary combustion system creates an even cooking surface, that is significantly hotter than a normal fire. This allows you to sear steaks at 1600+ degrees, just like a steak house!The grilling feature of the Double Flame Fire Pit is completely adjustable and easy to use. Simply slide the post into the sleeve, slip in the pin, and viola! Your fire pit is ready to cook. Adjust the height of the grill to cook depending on the amount of heat desired.


19” Double Flame Grill

19” Double Flame

Stainless Steel Lid

24” Double Flame – Black DF-24SLFP

24” Double Flame Grill DF-24GRL